Backup For My 100GB Photos And Videos

I want to start something new and to be more organize on my photos and arranging it in a modified dates. Using my new cameras that can produce high quality of images. I want to be thorough on my new albums that well organize. To make my plan to happen I need to backup my 100GB collections of photos and videos from my external HDD. I really don't know how and where to backup since it's already thousands of photos. I really can't imagine the hours that I will be spending  to backup and to make my files safe because I'm afraid that someday my HDD will giveup and broken. In fact I was thinking to burn my photos and videos on DVD-RW's; but the capacity is only 4.7 GB and I need 21 DVD's to be able to save it. However DVD's can be easily broken or maybe someday DVD reader will not be applicable. What I need is a cloud server though I know the price is high so I will only stick to whatever I can avail for free. All I want is to keep my photos and videos permanently and safe. I've been asking help from my king and he told me that we need dropbox pro subsciption just for a month to be able to sync my 100GB files. Since he will be the one to pay then I will go for it, and we can choose either monthly or yearly subscription to a Dropbox Pro 1 TB plan. I have already my 53GB space on my dropbox but it's not enough so we will just wait the approval of my kings dropbox account. Here is the sample questions for dropbox paid account:  

What happens if my paid account or promotion expires?
-If your paid account expires or is downgraded, or the space granted to your account by a promotion expires, all of the files in your Dropbox folder will still be available to you on your computers, phones, and via the Dropbox website. However, Dropbox will stop syncing the files in your account if your usage is now over your new quota. This means that new files added to your Dropbox won't sync to other computers or be available online until the amount of space used in your Dropbox drops below the amount of available space in your account. 

-For example, if you have a 1 TB Pro account with 800 GB of data and you decide to downgrade to a Basic 2 GB account, your files will stop syncing because you don't have available storage space in your account. In this case, you'll probably want to upgrade your account to ensure all of your files are syncing again. 

    While waiting for a week before I can finally sync my photos to dropbox; I slowly upload my photos on my facebook even though the internet is so slow but still I need to do it. I was thankful for facebook media album because I can organize my album in particular order. If I decide to download my photo albums on facebook I will simply install the firefox addon facepaste it will automatically download all the photos or even all the albums on facebook. However the photos are minimize and the quality is not that quite good like the original file; it's because facebook will compress the photos. Though it will happen like that but it's okey with me as long all my photos are in archive.

    About this Facepaste  
    -To use this add-on, simply right click in the page and click "Download Facebook album(s)". You can do this in a single album, or a "Photos of You", or a "Photos" page. Also, you can download multiple albums from a user at once by doing this on the user's "Albums" page. You can even download videos in albums just like photos.

    Eventually I'm starting to upload all my photos on my facebook while deleting the source file to minimize the capacity of my HDD. I'm not worried that I will delete my photos and videos on my HDD it's because I already backup it on my laptop and on my king PC. After all there is dropbox and facebook storage that will secure my files in the future.

    Source: Facebook Media Album

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