First Scuba Diving Experience

My first scuba diving experience is unforgettable since I was laughable in the eyes of my Kings friends and to the instructors. Before sinking the body into the sea water, the instructors will teach some basic sign language since we can't talk while we are in the water. I was listening that time, but maybe my minds are wondering. When it's time to go into the water, I was in the 2nd batch together with my king. I didn't how my friends were set before jumping the sea because I was busy doing snorkeling. While doing snorkeling, I can see them underneath me. When It was already our turn, I went first to the person that in charge for setting the gear and putting the tank of oxygen in my back, also they put weights on my waist. I was already set and ready to jump into the water; they counted 1,2,3 then you know what I did? I dive... Jajaja without thinking that I carry an oxygen in my back. When I showed up, they ask me if I'm alright because diving is prohibited when doing scuba diving even swimming. For me, it was nothing but my King told me after the scuba that all of them was worried on me. Diving, when there's an oxygen in the back, can cause broken spinal cord. When I knew that I got scared.

When my instructor assisted me to sink I forgot all the sign language they taught me; because  5 meters away from the above sea level I panic and I don't know how to breath properly. I forgot the sign language of stop. When my instructor signal me if I stop I thought the sign was high five so I did high five him that supposed to be the meaning of it was stop. When we were going up, I said I don't want to go back sinking myself again below the sea water thinking that it can kill me. Then they told me that I must try for the 2nd time. I decided to go back again to the sea water. I am always holding my oxygen for avoiding it to remove in my mouth. Seeing the beautiful creatures below the sea water and seeing Nemo fish was amazing. The feeling is unforgettable including the scary part of my experience. But then, I was extremely happy because for the 2nd time around my instructor told me that I was 20 meters away from above the sea level. I can't believe it even though I was panicking at the first try. Maybe someday and somewhere I will do scuba diving again.

My King and I don't have a couple picture underwater because I was left behind. ajaja ^_^

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