I Love Korean And Japanese Foods

This past few years I've been eating this two different kinds of foods. Before I was in love with anime considering Japan is known who made anime but also I'm in love with their foods. What I love Japanese foods are there sushi's and other vegetarian foods. The palate is not that spicy, but they are more in seafood. What I don't like is the green sauce they called it wasabi the taste is weird. Before I was hooked to the Shiromi fry foods in Ramen boy; but sadly the restaurant was already closed since 2013. jujuju.. Looking everywhere here in Davao if all the Japanese restaurant here preparing the like of shiromi fry but sadly there's none. Shiromy fry ingredients are kimdory fish with white creamy sauce, and I love the taste of the sauce. I don't know what they mix it, but the taste is good. I know the owner of the Ramenboy restaurant, he was a Japanese national and I've been there to his house including my other classmates. Since they teach, Nihon-goes preparing for the people that love to work in Japan. I stop schooling there since I was busy with my home based jobs. 


This year I'm in love in bibimbap foods of Korean. I have been constantly going to the bibimbap restaurant namely Master Bong. They will extend their the restaurant in Gaisano Davao, and I love to visit there since I know the owners. What I love about Korean foods is the spicy palate. I love spicy foods and Korean suits my taste. I like to eat there ramyun noodles and especially bibimbap. I did try to cook bibimbap at home, but the taste is different. ajaja.. I ask the owner of the Master Bong what the secret ingredients and she told me to keep coming in there restaurant. ajaja.. Yeah, I know that they have there secret ingredients, so I did always return to eat their bibimbap. 

These foods are very healthy no wonder they live longer plus their skin is glowing. Someday I want to cook Korean and Japanese foods on my own. There are many sources for learning with the help Internet. Jajaja

Aisteru and Saranghae ^_^

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