My Ultimate Anime Crush

   My Drawing Of Him:

I have my ultimate anime crush since the anime was shown in the TV; he was Kuroro from hunter x hunter. Before when the internet is not that known; I went to the internet cafe just to search his picture and printed it even though it was raining that time. I remember those days when I was always carrying his printed pictures everywhere I go. I did also put his picture on our family photo album. Sometimes when I slept and forgot his picture frame I did ask my mom to give me my Kuroro picture frame so I can hug it when I sleep. ajaja.. When I went to Kidapadawan I did bring his picture frame and told my new friends that he was may boyfriend. Then on the photo shoot for our school yearbook I did hid the small frame in my dress near my neckline even it was prohibited. Until now it can be seen in my high school yearbook. Also in my ID in college I put again his picture on my shirt and can be seen in my ID until now. Sometimes when I watch a school program I brought again his laminated picture for him to watch the program with me. Even going to the mall I want him to go with me. I always dreaming about Kuroro it's because he was my crush for more than 13 years not until I found my king. ajaja. Imagine how weird I am wearing those laminated pictures, picture frame with weird imagination. It's just make me smile how unfortunate I am in those time for not having a boyfriend. I didn't thought that I can have a boyfriend since back then I was boyish and not pleasing to the eyes of men. Surely right now I found my King and I will never forget those times that I was crazy enough for me to make me smile reminiscing now.

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