Naked Eye Pencil Drawing

This past few weeks I've been reading blog post from a different bloggers. I happened land Tricia Gosingtian blogs and been reading her fashion styles even her traveling from different places. I was amazed of her photos on how did she edit and what camera did she uses. I read some comments or even researhing about her and discover that she uses different cameras. When I research the price of each camera and O_O I can't afford it. ejeje. I can't even afford to travel alone with my current job. Then it come along that read her blog post about her friend then clicking the link and saw the blog of her friend Crissey Si . I was astonished about her art skill because it was so beautiful. After seeing her talent I realized that I also have a talent for drawing. For such a long time my hidden talent was awaken again. I can't do what others people do like fashion because it's not my thing and even traveling. Though making my decision is drastic but I'm sure I can do it if I have passion. From my previous post I said that I'm focusing my blogging career; but I realize that I don't travel always or thinking something to post just to make my blog active. Then it came to my mind when I saw Crissey blogs that I will post my drawings here on my personal blog.  Then I will make this diary as foodies since I love foods so much, drawings and photography. Thus making photo shoots with my own drawing is fantastic. ejeje

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