Reukin Day At Gomone Korean Restobar


 The Gomone Place Outside and Inside









Celebrating our 5 years and 7 monthsary here at Gomone. I decided that we will celebrate here because I want to try Japeon korean food which is a favorite food from my favorite korean actor Joo Won. ajaja

Treat Credit to my financier : My King i love you... ^_^

My Reviews for Evaluating a Restaurant
 1. Sanitation? - The Place is clean even though it's kinda old. 
2. Typical wait time? - It depends upon the order but mostly 15-20 minutes.
3. Reservations available? Required? - Reservations are available and also walk in.
4. Seating arrangements -  The table,chairs and utensils including metal chopsticks are in place. They have table for groups and exclusive tables that good for 4 persons.
5. Staff? Friendly, efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable waiter and waitresses? - The staffs are friendly and approachable. Can easily get the customers attention since they put a buzzer at the corner.
6. Selection of food? - The foods are all in korean foods.
7. Quantity and quality of food? - The foods are good for one, two ore even groups and family.
8. Takeout available? Yes, take out is available.
9. Bathroom cleanliness? - The bathroom is clean.
10. Location? - Accessible since it is within the city.
11. Parking? - The space for parking is not that wide but cars can park within the area.
12. Type of payments (credit cards, cash) accepted? - Cash only.
13. Atmosphere? Romantic setting? Family setting? Singles hangout? - The atmosphere is busy since they have many customers especially weekends. they have smoking area outside the Restaurant where you can sit and relax.
14. Dessert menu? Made in-house? Yes, the desserts are fresh.
15. Beverage selection? Wine list? Bar? - The resto don't have wine list.
16. Attractive d├ęcor? Just a simple old Korean decors.
17. Prices? The price is range from 100-1000 pesos but need to prepare money if you want to try their main menus. 
18. Smoking and nonsmoking sections? Smoking area is outside in the resto.
19. Menu variety? Korean Foods
20.  Acoustics? Music? There is no acoustic and music but has 2 television intended for Pinoy and Korean customers.

Address: Dona Vicenta Street 8000 Davao City, Philippines
Phone: (082) 295 3695 


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