Sanitation Engineer Is Needed

Last week, the sanitation engineer in our company had a vacation leave. Some of the employees got irritated it's because the restroom was not clean, and the garbage was not thrown away. It stuck in the office and also there's no water to drink. There's a gallon of water at the first floor, but there's no man to carry it and put it on the water dispenser. If I have the guts to carry it, I may be able to carry with my capability. Before, if there's no water in a dispenser, I change it and put the one gallon of water in the dispenser. I did it unnoticed so that nobody will tease me. I don't want to show off my big muscles. Ajaja Really sanitation engineer is imperative not only in the office but also in the community. People sometimes not to care the trash to be put in the garbage. They throw in anywhere. Despite the status of the living person, we must need to be educated with our surroundings. Not just the sanitation engineer but also us people who belong in the society.

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