Waiting For 3 Hollywood TV Series

Game Of Thrones- Last June I watched  Game of Thrones, it was talked most of my workmates and even headlines on the internet. The year 2012 when I heard Game of Thrones in from my board mates. I didn't mind how eager they watch every episode in the series. They told me that the story was excellent, but I never consider watching it. Though it made me curious enough their reactions to watching it, I said no. Thinking that I need to catch up the episodes of the series that will last for 1 hour. They said that there were scenes that will imprint in your mind though it's exaggerating but it's exciting as what they said. Then I decided to watch the series, and they are right. The series is impressive and the story is unique. I did finish watching all the episodes in just two weeks without forwarding. What I love seeing in this series are the Dragons. Looking forward the next season of Game Of Thrones.


Reign - I also waiting for the upcoming season of this series.  Even though I'm done reading the story of Queen Mary but I want to watch it visually. Her life was not that easy because she has to protect her crown and her realm together with this Husband King Francis. Though she fought for her crowns and claiming the throne in England but her child King Jaimes vi will be the successor to the throne. It's because Queen Elizabeth doesn't have siblings for she was known as the Virgin Queen. Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth are cousins. Queen Elizabeth of England will show up in the next season, so I'm excited to watch it.


The Royals - This series was set in a new generation as of today Era. The story is very exciting since the last part of the season two was too hanging. I want to know the real truth about their birthright with the two protagonists of the story. Even as of today Queens and King's are protecting their throne from their bloodline. Looking forward watching the next season of this series.

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