I'm Into Clash Of Clans Now



Christmas and New Year

Earlier year 2012, I have office mates who always invite me to play clash of clans to join their team; but I didn't pay much attention to it. I was not really into playing except need for speed underground and Tekken. I was hooked those kind of games that I didn't want to entertain other games even Warcraft.

 My King started playing clash of clans last August and I didn't join with him as starter. I did install COC on my S4 but didn't catch my eye to play with it. It was last night when I decide to play COC. My King didn't believed me because I always said that I joined their team. It turn to be that I don't have anything to do after watching Dragon Ball Resurrection F and I did start playing. When I load the game it's already on level 7 and I didn't played; it was my king who played on my behalf. Then I started to play.

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