My King Birthday Gift From Last Year: Canon 550D

I posted before about this canon 550D  a gift from my king. I posted this again since this is a clear images of my canon 550D taken with my new camera sony a6000. 

When I bought my new camera I was fall into hesitation wanting to sell my canon 550D and also my gopro hero 3+. I cried and my king took a video when he ask me why did I cry and I replied that what will be the feelings of my canon and gopro if I sell them. HAHAHA...Even before I think my things as if they do have life and feelings. I don't know why I'm like that. Perhaps I really did care my things until it will last. I was just happy to heard of what my king said that if those things will remain in my hands and keep it for a long years it will become a vintage and it will cost a millions. HAHAHA.. Then I stop crying and decided that not to sell my things. I'm considering what the feelings of my king if I sell it knowing that he save money just to buy me the canon 550D. Until now my things didn't give me headache and they are still looks good. 

This is my birth month and I'm so excited to my king's gift even though I have a hint. I told him what gifts I want on my coming birthday and I don't know if he will give it to me. His now saying that he didn't buy my wish list gift since he doesn't have money. Though he said like that but I know that he pay attention to my gifts. I ask him so many gifts but it's fine with my if he will give me one of those things that I want on my birthday. I'm not forcing him to give me a present if he can't. What will I do is not to expect more. 

Looking forward on my birthday. Born Year of the snake and month of Scorpio. ^_^

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