Unplanned Road Trip

Our Destinations:

Santanders Hitoan - Tugbok, Davao City, Philippines
The Eagle -  Brgy. Baganihan Marilog District, Davao City
Seagull Mountain Resort - Buda Davao City
Lorega Quarantine Vendors Association
Date Road Trip: October 31, 2015

This road trip happened because of Bermuda grass. ajaja. It was a sudden notice  that my King friends will be having a road trip together their 2 teachers. As what I knew it was their teacher sir Alex who invited us and they made some Bermuda grass reason just to make ma'am Jeany to join. For most of us knew that unplanned trips always happen unlike plan trip. My King said that the time for departure is 7am in the morning. I packed my things quickly because it was almost 11pm at night and charged my cameras just to make sure that my gadgets are full batteries and ready for landscape shoots. My king was ready to go that morning when we received a message that need to change the time departure since one of our friend went back to sleep and we will meet 10am in the morning. I knew that my king didn't sleep the whole night so I let him sleep for just an hour because he will be the one who will drive his multicab. The others rode to sir Alex vehicle. Before we travel long way I was thankful and maybe God let it happened because Red or my king's multicab one of the tire is needed for replacement. We may not know what will happen to us if Red tires didn't surrender along the way. Then we went to the nearest vulcanizing shop to change the old tire. Red has many years of service in us but still Red is able to take us to different places. For me Red has a sentimental value even though it's not close door or air con and just an open window unlike other cars. I knew more than 7 years of service is more than enough from a car but my king didn't forget Red's maintenance that is why Red is still fine.  I'm so dramatic here ajaja. Then after changing the tire we are all set and ready for the expeditions.

Friends Who Are In This Road Trip:
Me,My King,Ma'am Jeany,Sir Alex,Ian,Queenie,Brian,Chiquito

Let the photos do the landmarks:


Driving the long way going to our photo road trip


Flowers for sell along the highway of Marilog District. The flowers, Bunsay and many plants are cheaper compare to City.


Pine Trees near Seagull


We stop by here just to drink coffee, energen and to eat eggs. This is the place where I first eat baboy ramo. 

My King's face is oval or circle as the egg. ajaja..peace my king ^_^


The silhouette portrait of an eagle. 

What an amazing faces we have here. It's the creation of the world coz we are circles. ajaja

Photos from the Eagle Statue with our friends


Brian's Drone with Gopro Hero 4. It captures high quality video above the air. 

They are playing hide stick under the grass. ajaja.. no, they are looking for the lost screw of Brian's Drone. Though have many eyes looking for it but still we can't find the tiny screw. Brian said that we don't need to worry about the tiny screw because he still have an extra in his house.


My King said that all landscape within my eyes can reach is ours. ajaja...How I wish it's all ours.


Finally we got the chance to witness the beautiful sunset. It was just seconds when the sunset gone before our eyes and we still able to capture God's Creation.

Having great friends travelling is memorable. The smiles, laughter including the beautiful scenery of God's Art that was captured in our hearts and mind is truly a gift from heaven.

Looking forward for the next road trip adventures. 

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