My Landbank ATM Gcash Card Was Captured

What a tiring day to welcome the first Day month of December. Last November 26,2015 I went to Pag-ibig Fund to apply for a salary loan at Pryce Tower Davao City. The line is very long so I've been there almost 5 hours. It's better to go there early in the morning. The Pag-ibig Fund will provide you a Gcash card because the money will be sent there. I didn't try to validate my pin at the nearest landbank atm machine since there is a date when will the money be sent to my gcash card. I also not happened to see that there is a landbank atm machine at the ground floor pryce tower near the pag-ibig fund. It was Thursday when I went to Pag-ibig Fund. I have time to went there by reason that it was Thanksgiving Day in US. My working holidays is same in the US since I'm working at BPO. Then yesterday we have duty even though it was Bonifacio Day but we are double pay. I ask my workmate the same with me who applied for a salary loan but in her case it's her second time applying for a salary loan in Pag-ibig Fund. I asked her if it's okey if I haven't enter the pin on my gcash card in landbank atm. She forgot but she said that most of atm right now is validated 24 hours after you receive the atm. I haven't brought my atm yesterday so I got nervous thinking that I can't get the money the pag-ibig will be sending on my account so I said I will try to validated tomorrow it was today.

Today I went to landbank atm at Claveria Davao City. The atm machine is only walking distance from my work. I entered the wrong pin (3) times and my atm card was retained or captured. It was 8:07 am when my card was captured and I got very nervous. It was my first time to experience like that.jujuju. I saw this woman who wear landbank uniform and I followed her to the entrance. I approached her and the guards but the guard said that the bank is not yet open since the banking hours is 8:30am. When employee already enter the bank I asked the guard what will I do to my atm card that was captured on the atm machine. He said that I need to be back afternoon to claim my gcash card; they will open the atm machine only morning and afternoon. They have time scheduled to open the machine since the Manila branch monitored it. Then walk going to the office. I told my office mates about what happened to my gcash and my officemates the same with me applied the Pag-ibig loan and haven't tried entering their pin also got nervous. One of my workmate said that he already received the salary loan on his account and then I asked him what's the process. He said that he entered press the gcash/card you can see it at the screen. It was wrong of me because I press savings account will in fact my atm is gcash card. ajaja..what a jinx of me. 

At 9:02am I went back to landbank Claveria bringing my photo copies ID's just in case it will be needed to follow up my atm card even though that guard said to get it afternoon. There are two employee entertain me very kindly. They gave me form to fill up for claiming again my gcash card. They ask me if the gcash is associated with my name and I said none. They said that how they can give me the gcash card if I don't have the card  number. I show them my taken photos of the form I filled up at Pag-ibig fund associated with the account number. But they said that they don't have yet the copy in their system the account number and card number considering it's new accounts. I got very nervous again and asked them what to do. One of the employee said that I need to ask print-out of my gcash card number at Pag-ibig Fund or bring the form indicating the pin of the atm. Then I went to pag-ibig fund since I was already there I updated my phone number and current address before going at the 2nd floor to ask printouts. When I went to 2nd floor there are many people who comes first before me. My number was G135 and the current number on the screen is G67. I sited there for a couple of minutes and start asking the employees there about how to get a printouts. One of the employee told me to ask counter 21 and plea to insert. Then I went to counter 21 and counter 21 said to ask counter 22. I told the employee about my current situation and he said that we are many who happened to have situation like me. The pregnant woman asked me some advises about gcash perhaps it's her first time also to have loan. I did also asked the employee that it is necessary to validate the pin within 24 hours after the gcash was given and he said they don't have instruction like that. Then the man give me the printout. I inserted from the long line then I went back again to landbank but before that I went over to Mcdonalds Bolton though it was 11:15am and I haven't eat breakfast since this morning. I said to myself that after this I need to eat delicious food just pampering myself because I accomplished something, but to my dismay again; when I went back to Landbank I approached the employee who entertains me this morning without queuing the line. They said the the printout given to me was wrong. jujuju.. oh my I almost cried in front of them and to the people out there. Then I asked them again what to do and they said to bring the form with pin of my gcash. I went home again but thanks God my home it not so far need only one ride. When I went home I get the form with the pin of my gcash and brought my company in case if needed. I didn't bring always with my my originals valid ID's because I'm afraid that it will be lost. Because I knew that my ID's will be lost need to file affidavit of lost. I don't want to happen that to me. Yeah..before going back again to landbank I eat my Mcdo Ala King Chicken. Then I went back again to Landback and insert again because the employee said that when I get back no need to ask priority number. Thanks God after looking the form with the pin the employee process my gcash card. Thankful that I brought one original ID for verification and I got back again my gcash card. But before I leave the bank I asked them again about my password. When they saw the pin again just like me they can't see clear the password that was printed on my pin form. They gave me (2) pin option and advise me to enter the pin tomorrow to avoid my gcash card for block and only enter pin only twice to avoid the card of being captured again. They said that if my gcash card will be captured again my atm will be suspended and I can't get it back. so scary though. It was a very long process but I learned from it. The greatest instruction is experience. 

  • Don't lost the form with the pin in may be needed someday just like mine.
  • Sometimes taking pictures of important files atm, ID's, receipt is very important as proof. Just don't post it on social media as public when some people might see it.
  • Bring Original Valid IDs
  • Don't be shy to ask assistance to someone.

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