Spa Valley Sauna At Davao City

It was my first try to the Sauna together with my King. I've been always watching kdrama and anime so the feeling of being in Sauna feels like I've been in those places and it was very relaxing. I really love the place because they have sauna, jacuzzi, shower, pool and massage worth 490 pesos which you can't find all in one places here in Davao City.


The Manna Korean Food Restaurant at the 2nd floor inside Spa Valley Sauna.


 This is the ground floor of Spa Valley Sauna.

Address: Km 6 Infront Toyota, Lanag, 8000 Davao City, Philippines
Hours: Mon-Sun: 24 hours

Long Description
One of the most popular Sauna in Davao City

General Information
Experience Korean Style of Sauna with a whole body massage that relieve body and joint pains. HAVE TIME TO VISIT if you want to feel relaxed.

Phone: 082-2350728

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