#TheLeaderIWant Forum 2016


#TheLeaderIWant Forum 2016

Moderated by Maria Ressa

Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 2 PM Registration 3 PM Start

WHERE: De La Salle University’s Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium

#TheLeaderIWant aims to stimulate substantive interactions & communicate platforms. It will have the following highlights:
  •     Inclusive format: Candidates will have ample time to discuss their programs (Part 1 of the debate)
  •     Focus on issues: Vice Presidential candidates will ask everyone including his/her running mate the same 2 questions.
  •     Wisdom of the crowd: Candidates' staff can track the crowdsourced questions that will be curated from social media

Are these officials the leaders you want? 

Published 2:47 PM, January 20, 2016

Hosting Credit To : Youtube

I am proud to our Mayor Duterte because he is willing to sacrifice himself just to save our country and to save us for putting down the criminals in this nation. Knowing that in religious views he might burn himself into the lake of fire in Hell. What will I do as a citizen of this nation is to pray for his safety as always. If the time that God will get his life, I will pray that God will give him a minute for asking forgiveness to our Father God. I know that our God is a merciful God as long as we repent our sins and we are deeply sincere for asking forgiveness we will be saved. I will pray for our nation that this is it the change that we all want. God Bless Us All.

I share this video for free to reach everyone. Let's Be WISE. 

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