I'm Now Engaged

Today I got engaged ejeje..lots of love. My King proposed to me at Andessa Cafe together with our friends and family.  I was very advance thinking about the proposal this past few days. I was thinking that my king will propose to me last Valentines Day. I was just expecting on it but what he gave to me is a necklace I thought it was a engagement ring. JAJAJA.. 

Last night my King gave me a money for me to have my hair fix. Just this afternoon I went to salon to fix my hair or get a new hair color but to my dismay my hair can't have a new color since I applied a dark hair blackening last year. I just had a hair treatment My hair is short because I cut my hair the other day; plus I got a trim after the treatment. hahay...Thinking about the wedding day with my short hair makes me sad because having along hair for the wedding is a womans crown. JAJAJA But it's okay since there are many hair extension that can be used. After going to salon I went home past 5:30pm and get a nap. I got a called from my King that they will pick me up with my sister and nephew and my Kings teacher. He said that his other teacher invited us for a dinner for he will propose to his girlfriend.

It was my first time being there at Cafe Andessa and the place was so nice. Going inside the place was having a belated valentines day for having lots of hearts over the wall and hearts hanging above the restaurant. We ate there and having fun talking because I know all the people there it was my King friends, classmates and teachers. When we are almost finish eating his teacher stand up and do the speech in front of the girl and starting talking about how he love the girl. But his teacher do the side ways talking and said that the ring is not from him and he gave the ring to the my King. Then my King start to kneel down and said this. 

My King: This is the day that you've been waiting for
Me: YES My King (teary eyes)

No more long speeches because I already said yes.JAJAJa I was totally blank because all our friend are watching us and I'm not use to it when I'm the center of everyone. JAJAJA. My mom was there giving me the flowers and the chocolates and we start crying. I was emotional. I never thought I would cried because I can only see just like those moment on a TV, dramas and movies. I never thought that the feelings of having those special moments with our friends and family are will remembered. 

Thank you everyone for all your efforts and for being a part of this special moments with us. I will never forget this moment. My King really did a great job for making this moments happened and for making efforts just to make my expectation less and divert to something else. JAJAJa you never failed to surprised me my King. I'm very happy to have you as my man. I love you so much my King. Looking forward to our future.

We are now at The Pinnacle Hotel together with my mother,sister and nephew. My King prepared all this thing for us. Really my Kind did great things for me today. I'm very happy for us. Let God be the center of our relationship and God will guide Us.

Happening Today Together With Our Engagement Day
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