Our Valentines Day '16

Celebrating Valentines Day is the unforgettable when you're with family and love ones. I told my King that I don't want to receive flowers and chocolates for this day; instead I want us to eat dinner and watch movie on theater together. It was very unexpected that he gave me a gold necklace which I don't ask from him. I really love the necklace he gave to me and he said that it can be use for garment. I'm not used to garment my things especially those who have a meaningful memories and sentimental value for me. Just after he gave me the necklace we ate dinner together and took photos using my sony camera. Then after dinner we stroll around Davao City and went home. It's was a jinx for me when I suddenly rename the folder on my sony without me noticing it that it wasn't my local D drive. All my photos are gone and it make me sad. But it's okay I do have the necklace my King gave to me. It will be a memories on this day. 

I was very thankful to God for having my King in my life. We had our ups and downs in our years that we shared but still going strong. All our small fights where I can say that I get matured every single day makes our relationship strong and stable. I'm so much thankful for having a man who understand me always, help in times when I need him, my best friend, fiancee and soon to be my man. ejeje .. More valentines day to us my King. I love you so much. 

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