Strobe Edge

I really love anime since the first glance of it when I was young. I'm more on watching anime and not really into reading manga. Before, I love reading fairtytales, Bible stories and tagalog pocketbooks. Years had passed when I'm no longer have time to read. I've been trying to read english novels but I get bored on a few pages. ajajaja. This is the first manga I've already finished reading and the second one is Kimi to Watashi no Renai Soudan with only one chapter. I will start for a few pages then it will become my hobby. ajaja

Now, I felt like to read more a lots of books including english novels and manga. I want to improve my blogging so I need to read a lot of books when I feel like it. This is my new year resolution.

Strobe Edge
Genres: Drama, Manga, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Author: Sakisaka Io
Status: Completed   

Ninako is a meek, gentle high school student. She has never been in love. Ninako asks Daiki, who has emotions towards her, about what being in love feels like. She thinks he is a good guy but…? One day, on the train home from school, she bumps into Ren, a popular guy at school. With just a short conversation and his smile, she experiences a new feeling. Just what is this feeling…!? Ninako’s first love is starting.

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