Honeymoon Night

March 31, 2016

This was the night that I lost my virginity to my husband. ejeje. We just sleep on our wedding night that was supposed to be our honeymoon. We felt very exhausted the whole time from wedding preparation to my King graduation day. The next day we've tried to have tooott..but I was scared and we didn't do it again because I was crying the whole time and shout out loud. It's very painful you know. ejeje.. The next day I went home to attend my sister graduation day. When I was at home, I told my mother, sister, brother, brother in law and sister in law about the first night. They laugh at me. ajaja.. So I was seeking for an advice on what to do and they told me no one can help me only myself. They said that I need to endure the pain if I love my husband. I stayed with my family for 2 days thinking about what to do. Then I decided to be strong and went back to Davao. I told my King that I want to watch Batman vs Superman. I've waited him for almost an hour. I didn't know he was preparing for our 2nd night again. After watching the movie at SM Lanang we went to Park Inn Hotel only at the back of SM Lanang. From 2nd floor we went through there going to out room. I was surprised because that was the reason he was late for our movie schedule. We ate dinner and we bought white wine. I told him to buy wine for me to become strong. ajajaja.. Then we decided to swim at the hotel pool and drink some tequila. Finally we went to our room. Before we we did toooot. I drink a lot of wine and started to watch some adult videos. When we did it I scream, cried and my body was nearly collapse and given up. There was blood coming out from my patotay and I can't stand anymore.  I wanted to go to restroom my King help me to stand up so I can walk and when I was in the restroom, I saw my face so fragile and my lips are very pale. Later on I sleep and when I wake up my body still numb. It was numb for a couple of days but slowly the numb started to disappear. This night was so memorable to me.

The Evidence. ajaja

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