I'm Bald For The 2nd Time

April 15, 2016

Second time having a skinhead. The only difference is before my hair is really baldy because the barber used a razor  and what they called it kagis. Now the barber only used a razor and a scissor on my head. I don't feel any remorse on my hair because what I was thinking is how will I revive my hair again. Many people told me that my hair is like a Nest or Salag, a Lion Hair, a broom fibers and many others ugly names on my hair. Hearing those nicknames on my hair makes me sad. Also my husband won't allow me to be skinhead. Is it really a big deal for a woman to be hairless or skinhead. If only he knew how I felt right now. Only God knows how hurt I am at this moment.

 I'm hoping for the second time my hair will grow healthier and smoother. My hair I will ask you that please grow faster and healthier coz I'm just here to help you. Please God help my hair to get back on it's shape and revive it.


My Pahak in the head because of the hair medicines and hair color.

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