Sundate With My King

After a very long days of staying at home, my king and I finally have the time to unwind from stressful works. After eating lunch at Akiko Japanese Restaurant we went to Abreeza Mall to watch X-Men Apocalypse. We are too early for our schedule so we played games from the nearest Timezone. I was enjoying myself playing games like tho old days. I was sweating a lot while my king and I played Tekken in which we are enemy on the game. I loss against my king many times, but it's fine. It was just his luck on this day. ajaja ^_^. Gotta visit again here at Timezone soon. 

I love to see the works of an artist including there work studio. Actually there was a make-up tutorial in that studio but I'm not fan of it so I only took this photo. ejeje


Here we are. We rarely out on our world so we took the chance to enjoy ourselves as being child. 

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