75TH Reukin Day: Taco Loco Mexican Restaurant

June 26, 2016

When our monthsary comes, I'm always excited it's because I can eat yummy foods again, even if it's not our monthsary we usually eat delicious foods. Unlike the other couple doesn't celebrate much or celebrate while on travel. Our way of celebration is through our stomach. I love foods very much, but it doesn't show on my body. HAHAHA ^_^. It was my request to my husband that even though we don't have a gift for each other, we must celebrate our monthsary outside the house. ejeje

I love tacos, and these Mexican food are new to me since I always love Korean and Japanese foods. I found Mexican foods more on spices, sauce and lots of tacos and it's delicious. I'm not choosy when it comes to foods, so I can't judge how my taste different to others. Try for yourself. ^_^

Address: Market Basket, Lanang Damosa, Mamay Rd, Buhangin, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
               Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Short Description
The ONLY Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Davao City! 

Two locations: 

#1: Damosa, Market Basket
#2 Marfori Heights, corner of Mercury Drug.

Cuisine: Burgers, Fast Food, Mexican, Pizza, Sandwiches, Seafood and Tex-Mex

Payment Methods: Cash Only

Services: Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups, Take Out, Waiter Service and Outdoor Seating

Serves: Lunch, Dinner and Drinks

Phone: 0947 400 9917
Email: [email protected]

Beating the Block

You know how it goes; some weeks you’re spilling over with ideas and then others… meh, you’re running on empty.  Inspiration is a fickle thing; you can’t bottle it and it comes and goes like the family cat – on top of you one minute, then off prowling the neighbourhood the next.  Blogger’s Block – just like writer’s block – is tough!  It can make you feel emotionally and creatively constipated and damn it, there’s just no magic, cure-all to get things moving again.  In a word, it sucks.
So I’ve put my thinking cap on and have come up with 90 potential post ideas to help beat the block…
L I F E S T Y L E  P O S T S
  • One Word: Pick a word, any word, or use a word generator! Words are powerful; the smallest word can spark an idea or an image or even a long forgotten memory.
  • Five Favourite: This could be be a post about anything! Write a post about your fivefavourite books, five favourite photographs, five favourite tops or dresses, or even fivefavourite mugs from your kitchen cupboard.:-)
  • My Day in Numbers: Sum up your day in numbers – e.g. 7: The Number of Cups of Tea I drank. 10:29: The time I left the house.
  • Three Things: This can make up one huge post, or slip in between your more regular posts to sum up current moods and life events. E.g. “Three things that scare me”, “Three things that make me angry”, “Three things I’m excited about”.
  • The News: Newspapers and magazines are a great way of picking up on current trends/events/attitudes. If an article has got you thinking, write a follow-up or a response!
  • Treasure: Pick one or a few items that are special to you and explain why. It might be a favourite piece of jewellery or an ornament.
  • Favourite Places: Showcase one of your favourite places in your hometown.
  • Worth a Thousand Words: Pick a few of your favourite photographs and explain who you were, where you were and what you were doing when they were taken.
  • Dear Me: Write a letter to your past or future self; share your wisdom, your fears and hopes:-)
  • What I learned when…: Share the lessons you learned during a particularly difficult time of your life.
  • Behind the Scenes: Share all the hard work that goes into maintaining a blog! Share a few pictures of how you set up a flat lay, or how you plan posts.
  • Heroes: Who are the people you most look up to? Share their story! They could be people in your everyday life, strangers, friends, bloggers, celebrities or even those who’ve passed on.
  • Photo an Hour: In the same vein as ‘a day in the life of’ posts, share your daily routine by posting 12 photos taken throughout the day.
  • Questions and Answers: Invite readers to tweet you their most burning questions on Twitter and then post them with your answers.
  • The First Time I…: Share a story about the first time you did something. It could be something personal, or something a little bit more general. How did you feel?
  • Self Portrait: It doesn’t matter if you’re a Picasso in the making or a stick man aficionado, draw/paint/collage a self portrait and post it!:-)
  • My Weekend: Take your camera along to all your weekend adventures and then share what you got up to.
  • Dear You: Write an open letter to your reader(s) or to a stranger.
  • Project 365: Start a project 365 – take a picture a day, every day for a year.
  • My Collection: Everyone collects something – share your strange or unusual collections.
  • If I won the lottery…: Post a list of what you would do if you won the lottery jackpot.
  • Trainee turned Teacher: If you’ve got a new hobby or are learning something new then why not create a post sharing what you’ve learned so far?
  • Traditions: These sort of posts are great around Christmas and Easter; share those little family traditions that are always obeyed around certain holidays.
  • Trigger Appy: Share a list of your favourite apps.
  • Cringe!: Remember when magazines used to post a page full of readers’ most embarrassing stories? Why not share a few of your own?
  • Blog-Roundup: Saturday and Sunday mornings are a great time to catch up with your favourite blogs. Share the love! Share a list of your favourite blog posts you read during the week.
  • Par-Tay!: Throw a themed party and post your outfit, food choices and snaps from the night.
  • Tour: Create a photo tour of your home room by room.
  • Book Club: Share a post on your favourite books, or what you’re currently reading.
  • Wanderlust: Share a list of the places that you’ve always wanted to visit.
  • Fluffy Friends: Pet posts always go down well – why not share a day in the life of your dog? Or get your cat to guest post!
  • When I was Drunk: Share a list of the strangest/funniest things that happened when you were drunk.
  • My Childhood: Everyone loves seeing what other people looked like when they were kids!  Share a picture of yourself as a kid and write about what your childhood was like.
  • “God I love this street!”: Snap a few shots of your local neighbourhood (without giving any specifics away obviously… stay safe and all that!)
  • Pen-pals: Invite readers to send each other letters/postcards etc.
  • Holiday: This should be an obvious one – if you go away, blog about your adventures!
  • The moment I knew…: This could be about anything – the moment you knew you were in love with your partner, the moment you knew you were ready to buy a house… share a personal story about whatever you like!
  • Social Media Roundup: Share your most recent Instagram posts, or post a few tweets that you really loved.
  • My Old Diary: For only the brave!  Dig out your old diary and photograph a couple of pages.
  • Art Schmart: Who are your favourite artists?  Showcase the art hanging in your home, or pieces that you’d like to buy.
  • On my…: Desk, Night-stand, coffee stable… Photograph what’s currently lurking there.
  • Perfect Day: Describe your perfect day.
  • What ___ means to me: Share what something means to you.  It could be what marriage means to you, friendship, feminism, growing up… anything!
  • The Evolution of…: This is a great one if you’re in the process of making home improvements or redecorating.  Share before and after pictures of a particular room or area.
  • Feeling Trendy: If you want to write about something that everyone’s talking about, check out Google Trends and strike while the topic’s hot!πŸ˜‰
  • Zzz: Write about your sleeping habits; what time do you usually head to Bedford? What do you wear? Any unusual places that you’ve fallen asleep? Favourite bedding?
F A S H I O N  P O S T S
  • What I wore when…: Share the story behind a particular outfit or item of clothing.
  • My Closet: Share a few pictures of how you organise (or disorganise!) your cupboard.
  • What’s in my Bag: I love a good ‘what’s in my bag’ post – satisfies snoopers like me to no end!
  • A Mile in my Shoes: Snap your shoe collection.
  • Catwalk Dupes: If you’re up on current trends see if you can track down high street dupes for high end fashion.
  • Evolution of style: Create a post showing how your style has changed over the years.
  • Fashion Inspo: Share a few pictures of the styles that inspire you.
  • Tailor in Training: If you’re handy with a needle and thread, attempt to modify an old piece of clothing and give it a new lease of life – post your progress!
  • What can I get for…?: Give yourself a budget and see how much it’ll buy you in one shop.  E.g. What can you buy for £20 in Primani?  Post your findings!
  • Shop-Local: Showcase a local store you love.
  • How to wear…: I’m hopeless at this sort of thing – sometimes I see new trends, love the concept but haven’t the faintest clue how to pull it off!  If – unlike me – you know what you’re doing when it comes to new styles, share your genius!
B E A U T Y  P O S T S
  • Holy Grail Products: Items you swear by and repurchase.
  • Switcheroo: Have you got any items that you use for something other than their intended purpose? A lipstick that works as the perfect blush? An eyeshadow that makes for the perfect highlighter?
  • Face/Hair of the Day: If you love how your makeup or hair looks on a particular day post a picture listing all the products you used.
  • Monday Manicure: If you’re someone who takes nail polish seriously – never nude! – then post a picture!
  • Dare to bare challenge!: Attempt to go a week without wearing makeup – post on your findings.
  • Dry Hair: Apparently washing your hair everyday is a no-no. Limit your hair to one wash a week – report back on your findings.
  • Hair Care: What’s your hair care routine? Post with a list of your favourite products.
  • Scars: Scars are beautiful! Share the story behind one of your scars.
  • Lucky Dip: Create a face-of-the-day with products chosen from random – no cheating!
  • My Boyfriend/Best-friend/Brother/Sister/Mother did my Makeup: I love this idea!  Get someone else to do your makeup and video/snap the results.  You can’t choose the products, see the process or get involved in any way, shape or form.
  • Not worth the hype: Name and shame some products that just didn’t work.  Wah-wahh!
  • My Mother did my Hair: Kind of along the same lines as “My Boyfriend did my Makeup.” If you’ve got a mother who endlessly complains about how you do your hair, let her have at it!
F O O D  P O S T S
  • Slob’s Supper: Everyone’s got a go-to ugly hookup when it comes to food – oh so wrong, yet oh so good! – give it the food blogger treatment and share it!
  • Kitchen Nightmares: Share a recipe that went horribly wrong! No ones perfect!
  • Shopping: Share your weekly shop – what are the items you swear by and buy every week?
  • Cribs-style Fridge Snoop: Share a picture of your fridge and its contents.
  • Saturday/Sunday Morning: Everyone knows that weekend breakfasts are the best! Share what you ate on the laziest day of the week.
  • Cocktail Hour: Share a few of your favourite cocktail recipes.
  • No Ordinary Sandwich: What’s your favourite sandwich filling/recipe? Share it!
  • Pizza Party: Get creative with toppings and see if you can come up with Dominos’ next best seller.
  • Cheat!: Everyone loves a shortcut – if you know how to simplify a should-be tricky recipe then share it!
  • Favourites: Share a list of your favourite recipes (they could be ones you’ve already posted or a handful from other blogs).
  • Fancy Pants: Put a fancy twist on a boring dish. Posh beans on toast, anyone?
  • Picnic: (Great British summer-permitting – of course!) Create a picnic basket of on the go favourites and invite a few friends.
  • Mug-Cake: Everyone loves a mug-cake!  Tinker with a basic recipe and make it your own:-)
  • Leftovers: Get creative with those pots full of leftovers and post the results!
  • Kitchen Cupboard: Share some of your favourite plates, cups, dishes, utensils, whatever from your kitchen cupboard.
  • BBQ: Any excuse to get that grill going!  Have a BBQ and share pictures of what you cooked.
  • Under 5 Ingredients: Create a recipe with 5 or less ingredients.
  • Restaurant: Showcase your favourite local restaurant.
  • 5 Ways: Pick an ingredient and share 5 ways of serving/cooking it.
  • “Myyyy Sandwich!”: What’s your favourite strange sandwich filling?
  • Loafin’ About: Loaf Cakes are great – come up with 4 different recipes then scoff with tea and feel very Jam and Jerusalem.:-)
  • Dish the Diet: Have a frank and honest chat about your relationship with food.  Do you diet?  What are the best ones you’ve tried?  If you don’t diet, talk about your non-diet!
A D M I N  P O S T S
  • Re-use, recycle: There’s nothing wrong with sharing old posts from the archive.
  • Collection Posts: If you’ve got lots of recipe posts then why not group a few together in one handy post?
This posts is very helpful when I'm running out of ideas.

Empress Ki

Depicts the loves and battles of Empress Ki who exercises her influence in the Yuan Dynasty. Empress Ki is from Goryeo.

Drama: Empress Ki (literal title)
Revised romanization: Kihwanghoo
Hangul: κΈ°ν™©ν›„
Director: Han Hee
Writer: Jang Young-Cheol, Jung Kyung-Soon
Network: MBC
Episodes: 51
Release Date: October 28, 2013 - April 29, 2014
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

My Reviews:

It's been 2 years since I'm done watching this kdrama Empress Ki. But even years had passed I can still remember the story. This is one of my favorite Korean drama of all time. Being in a higher position to rule the whole nation is not easy. Character, techniques, intelligent and with the heart to the people is a must. A great woman in the past is very rare to find this is why most of the great women before are now in history because of high impact that they import to the nation. 

You Can Watch It Here:

Dong Yi

"Dong Yi" is a historical drama based on the life of Dong-yi later known as Choi Suk-bin(Han Hyo-Joo). Choi worked in the royal palace as a lowly water maid. King Sok-jong then selected Choi as his concubine. Choi would then give to birth Yeong-jo, the second son of King Sok-jong and the future king of Joseon. After the birth of Yeong-jo. Dong-yi would become Suk-bin.

Drama: Dong Yi
Revised romanization: Dong Yi
Hangul: 동이
Director: Lee Byung-Hoon, Kim Sang-Hyub
Writer: Kim Yi-Young
Network: MBC
Episodes: 60
Release Date: March 22 - October 12, 2010
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


My Reviews:

This korean drama is worth watching. My curiosity about how an empire rule before even not just korean history but all around the world. This kdrama shows about life, love, palace and politics. If love strikes even for a King, he would willing to sacrifice his crown to save his woman and family. Sometimes having great power is not good because it will cause chaos and unjust judgment for life.  Even in the past, dirty works in politics is already there. As what the poem says " It's not the birthright that holds a power it mattered with a heart".


You Can Watch It Here:


Jealousy And Sadness

June 9, 2016

Every time I opened my facebook and twitter and saw those friend of mine jubilant, traveling with their loved ones make me jealous and sad.  I also want that happiness to be felt with mine and with my family. I can only imagine things for myself and family. There is no point of arguing myself, but this feeling makes me cry. I can't do anything for my family and loved ones no matter how I try. Including now seeing my grandmother suffering from her illness and can't move in her bed. It makes me sad thinking that I can't bring her there what we build. I want to show to my family the house that my King bought for our future. But I can't do it in this kind of situation right now. No one will blame; only the time is so short. If only I have powers to do things that make my family happy. 

I am full of jealousy even though some people can see that I have more than anything, but they are wrong. I'm happy but bittersweet sometimes. It took some magical spell for me to laugh or feel joy. No matter how I try, I think this is only my luck in this life. Being alive in this world is difficult. More than anything life is unfair. I experienced happiness but more often is thinking of what I've been and what did I do with my life. Why am like this, I can only stare my laptop, keyboard and window thinking all the things I want to achieve. Sometimes it's difficult to breathe when people are underestimating my freedom to express what I believe in. Being always in this kind of situation make me want to be silent and never argue to anyone. I know they are more knowledgeable than me, but please respect me as I respect yours. Changing myself is what I also want including my style, appearances, etc. but I'm afraid being judged. I better to stay silent in my square room and think of better things to do without comparing myself to others.

I felt sad, sorrowful. I was thinking things so fast for our future like we built our house as soon as possible. Buy things for our home, pay bills and soon after if things work out and we have a lot of savings we can travel. I'm stingy and think more about the future than the present. Spend money when you are left with nothing it's not for me. It's better to save now for the future and spend later when there is more. Just the ants, they save foods before the drought is coming and I was like an Ant. In some ways, most people think of enjoying their youth spending time traveling than saving believing that you can never get back your youth without enjoying it. For me, it's better to save now as long as I'm young and healthy than saving when I get old and become miserable when the time comes and left nothing. Saving money when you are old is difficult than when you start saving when you're young. There's an age limit for everything by abiding the law of humanity. I knew how difficult life is because I've been to a less fortunate family. We've been struggling every day in or life before but thankful to my mother she knows how to budget the small amount of my father's salary. It was the key and my inspiration to strive more.

But times is inevitable when there are things that are not coming on your way. I can only see through those situations that I'm now and maybe let it be as the waterfalls couldn't stop as it flows. I can only complain, but I can't do anything. Sometimes I can think of why they have it all and I can only have this. Why they can go there and why I/we can't go there. Lack of money makes things difficult. I hate that money was invented because it only shows the living status of every family in the society. Life is full different emotions; we can say that we are a living creature when we felt those what they called emotions. I may be full of jealousy and sad, but I will not do things bad just to acquire what others have. I will be quietly observing and make the right choice. Wait until it's my time; because life is like wheels, it will turn our life upside down. 

image source:

Reward After Declutter

June 6, 2016

After a period of hours decluttering our room and my king's office.  I'm overwhelmed that we clean our stuff together while listening to music and me singing with a tone deaf voice. He used to tease my voice as always. My king was laughing at me and said it will rain. We are already married so he must have to be understanding with my voice. HAHAHA.

We reward ourselves with a dinner at Gangnam Korean Cafe and restaurant. The whole day decluttering our mess stuff is very tiring, but after cleaning a fresh air will surround the area. Have you felt it? When you clean your room, and you can see that all things are organized you feel good about it, that's what we feel.  I don't like to stay in a room where all things are in a mess. It's suffocating me or even see those pile of used clothes makes me want to wash it every day. Since back then I like to finish all the household chores before doing anything like watching anime and another kind of things. In some way, cleaning our room is my way of killing time since my king won't allow me to work even online jobs. He won't allow me to be stressed out with my job as he knew before, that If I had a work especially, online jobs he was aware that I won't sleep just to finish my task. He doesn't like that; especially I'm preparing myself to carry a baby if God's Will. I'm not used to staying in my room without doing something. I'm a workaholic type of person ever since, but after my marriage it's changed, and I'm adjusting to my new routine now.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Side Dishes


Java Chip Frappe
Mango Smoothie


Budae Jigae

After paying our orders. They gave us a free face mask with two sachet inside.


The Place

Address: Karpentrade bldg. Mc Arthur Matina, 8000 Davao City, Philippines
Short Description: Gangnam In Davao
Phone: 2960519

Open Until 1:00 am
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