Dong Yi

"Dong Yi" is a historical drama based on the life of Dong-yi later known as Choi Suk-bin(Han Hyo-Joo). Choi worked in the royal palace as a lowly water maid. King Sok-jong then selected Choi as his concubine. Choi would then give to birth Yeong-jo, the second son of King Sok-jong and the future king of Joseon. After the birth of Yeong-jo. Dong-yi would become Suk-bin.

Drama: Dong Yi
Revised romanization: Dong Yi
Hangul: 동이
Director: Lee Byung-Hoon, Kim Sang-Hyub
Writer: Kim Yi-Young
Network: MBC
Episodes: 60
Release Date: March 22 - October 12, 2010
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


My Reviews:

This korean drama is worth watching. My curiosity about how an empire rule before even not just korean history but all around the world. This kdrama shows about life, love, palace and politics. If love strikes even for a King, he would willing to sacrifice his crown to save his woman and family. Sometimes having great power is not good because it will cause chaos and unjust judgment for life.  Even in the past, dirty works in politics is already there. As what the poem says " It's not the birthright that holds a power it mattered with a heart".


You Can Watch It Here:


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