Reward After Declutter

After a period of hours decluttering our room and my king's office.  I'm overwhelmed that we clean our stuff together while listening to music and me singing with a tone deaf voice. He used to tease my voice as always. My king was laughing at me and said it will rain. We are already married so he must have to be understanding with my voice. HAHAHA.

We reward ourselves with a dinner at Gangnam Korean Cafe and restaurant. The whole day decluttering our mess stuff is very tiring, but after cleaning a fresh air will surround the area. Have you felt it? When you clean your room, and you can see that all things are organized you feel good about it, that's what we feel.  I don't like to stay in a room where all things are in a mess. It's suffocating me or even see those pile of used clothes makes me want to wash it every day. Since back then I like to finish all the household chores before doing anything like watching anime and another kind of things. In some way, cleaning our room is my way of killing time since my king won't allow me to work even online jobs. He won't allow me to be stressed out with my job as he knew before, that If I had a work especially, online jobs he was aware that I won't sleep just to finish my task. He doesn't like that; especially I'm preparing myself to carry a baby if God's Will. I'm not used to staying in my room without doing something. I'm a workaholic type of person ever since, but after my marriage it's changed, and I'm adjusting to my new routine now.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Side Dishes


Java Chip Frappe
Mango Smoothie


Budae Jigae

After paying our orders. They gave us a free face mask with two sachet inside.


The Place

Address: Karpentrade bldg. Mc Arthur Matina, 8000 Davao City, Philippines
Short Description: Gangnam In Davao
Phone: 2960519

Open Until 1:00 am

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