My King 29th Birthday Celebration

Happy 29th birthday my King. I'm happy to be with you as you get age every year. You are one of the best thing that happened into my life. Being with you is a blessing as I saw you how you share your blessing and talent to others. As you read greetings and thankful messages for those people you helped, I saw your face with glamorous joy knowing that there are many people who loved you and never forget your kindness to them. Thankful to God that I have you as my husband. A bliss happy birthday again my King. I love you so much... ^_^

My simple gift to him. ajaja He complained because I didn't have an effort with my gift. Sorry my King it's just that I don't have talent to surprise you or make my gift fabulous as the others. But remember this that as we get old you will laugh how I show my gifts even the price of my gifts are very cheap. ejeje

Meeting with old friends and boss of my King at Matina Town Square.

Early dawn welcome birthday celebration of my King at Yellow Cab Damosa.

We avail the birthday promo of Vikings. ejeje

Celebrating My King birthday with friends.

 This is Ian my King friend who sung him a gift song. ejeje

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