Green Coffee:Savoring Moment With Sweets

August 7, 2016

Ever since I ate lots of foods, but my body didn't start to grow bigger it because my metabolism is constant. However, even though my body didn't get big, my belly fats is starting to grow much larger. I ate much junk foods, chocolates, ice creams, pizza, etc. I started joining yoga session, but it didn't last long because I don't have patience, and I'm lazy doing exercise. I don't have any inspiration to pursue doing healthy lifestyle. I got worried when I looked into the mirror or even doing shopping. Every time I had chosen those beautiful clothes that I want to wear, but it didn't fit my body I was feeling hopeless. When I was in my college my waistline is just 25-26 inches but now much higher than that. I don't want to mention it because I'm shy. ejeje.

Just yesterday when my King enter our room and saw me measuring my waistline with this tape measure, he suddenly said that he would buy me my long time phone that I wanted to have sony z5. He wanted me to have a goal, which before my birthday comes, I should have loose and inch on my current waistline. It's hard for me because you know, I'm lazy doing exercise. I search methods on the internet, listening some advice, but I was so naive and hard headed. I'm not doing my part. Perhaps, this time, I will do my part since I have an inspiration. I hope I can do this. Aja Fighting for my new mobile phone. jajaja

His busy listening to President Duterte Live

Me: busy with my sweets. ajaja..


My King Posted This on His Facebook Timeline:

My wife wants to get rid of her belly fats. Since last year she was craving for a Sony Xperia smartphone. So I gave her inspiration and challenged her in a game, where she needs to a loose a belly fat before her birthday ends.
And guess what? 
Sony Philippines

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