First Couple Bicycle Ride With Friends

September 29, 2016

Having a partner and friends who share the same hobby is amazing. It was afternoon when my King bought his new Giant bicycle at biker boy. Later at night, we decided to test drive our new bike together with our friends. We even knock doors those friends who almost sleep just to join the ride. When we had our stroll, I didn't eat dinner but still I have strength to catch up the level of my guy's friends. I'm the only woman in the group, and I didn't let myself be left behind by them. Riding my bicycle gave me the chills especially when I let it slide downhill without using a break or to pedal. I miss those feelings; it's like I'm coming back from my younger years. When we reach Damosa to visit our friends, we decided to stop by at Yellow Cab Damosa. Just a simple celebration for our new hobby together with our new team.

Our Route: V.Mapa-Bacaca-El Rio-Dumanlas-NHA Buhangin-Damosa-Gracia Heights-Peoples Park-Artiaga-Rizal-Quirino.

Sikad Davao
Open: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Phone: 0928 348 4385
Address: 41 Burgos Corner, Nicasio Torres Street, Obrero, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Bikerboy Davao
Open: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Phone: (082) 295 2388
Address:  Units 1 & 2 Wheels and More Compound J.P. 8000, J.P. Laurel Ave, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

General Information
Giant. Trek. Merida. BMC. SRAM. Truvativ. Avid. ROCK SHOX. Bontrager. ZIPP. American Classic. FULCRUM. Titec. BELLWETHER. BMC. Hollywood. KENDA. Profile. 3T. SIDI.

I Got My First Ever New Bicycle: Trinx

September 27, 2016

I love biking since I was a child. I even snuck out my father's bicycle just to stroll around the area of my hometown with my childhood friends. It was an accomplishment for me when I got bruises and wounds all over my body just to learn how to use a bicycle. When one of my neighbors bought a new bicycle, I even borrow it every day, but there was a time when I got shy to borrow it again.  I was thankful that one of my aunts gave a small bicycle for kids. I can easily ride a big bike without fail. I always have a dream a bicycle on my own before, but I didn't have it until yesterday. Now, I was thankful that my king bought me a bicycle just to accompany him and with our friends. He even let me choose to buy  8,500, 10k,18k , and 26k but then I decided the lowest amount since I don't intend to make it a hobby of upgrading things. We also need to buy accessories for protection. Having a new bicycle on my own is enough for me. I'm so excited to have adventures with my new bicycle together with my GoPro. ^_^

Sikad Davao
Open: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Phone: 0928 348 4385
Address: 41 Burgos Corner, Nicasio Torres Street, Obrero, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Taco Loco:Monthsary Date

September 26, 2016

Palate: The taste is suited my taste since I love tacos. It feels a little bit of sour and spicy. They also have a rice meal with tacos. The rice tastes bitter just like their sauce but still I like it. We have different taste buds so just try it for yourself and visit taco loco.
Price:  It's pricey compared to a regular restaurant in town. You may visit here once in a while when you celebrate some occasions.
Place: The place is good and cold. It's quite there since it's far from downtown area. You may consider the other Taco Loco branch in Damosa since it's much more convenient to travel.

Phone: 0929 604 7303
Hours: Closing soon · 10AM–11PM
Address: Door 1, Mabini Corner Circumferential Road, Marfori Heights, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur


La Familia Beach Resort

September 25, 2016

New Life Ministries was having a first family day overnight gathering from Sept. 24-25, 2016. It was great having the members of the church gathered together in one place.  We watched the movie The Flu and others talk some other stuff. In the morning, we gave praise to God. It was also a first family day when my grandmother is not with us. When my mama sing praises to God since she was the song leader, she got emotional remembering her mother my lola and got carried away. Even though not all family participated the event, but still it was successful.



If you are somehow longing for the touch of comfort of your homes nestled on a scenic beach then La Familia Beach Resort will suit you well. La Familia is a family resort which first started as an exclusive resort for the family of Palma Gil-Sabas; a place where the entire family can truly unwind, feel at home with and be one with nature. The resort is encompassed by a myriad of trees, flowering flora and radiant beach waters. Without a doubt, La Familia is perfect for beach aficionados who would like to enjoy various water-sports activities and the wonderful beach view itself. La Familia is positioned at Barangay Limao, Penaplata District in Island Garden city of Samal.


by FERRY BOAT (on Foot)
Take SASA Ferry Boat wharf to SAMAL Island and from SAMAL ISLAND Ferry BOAT, Take a 10 mins. motorcycle ride (habal-habal) to La Familia.

by CAR
Take SASA Ferry BOAT wharf to SAMAL Island and from SAMAL Island Ferry Boat wharf, make a RIGHT and take a 10-15 minutes drive to La Familia.

    Adult(Daytour) – Php 80.00
    Kids 1-6(Daytour) – Php 50.00

    Bahamas cottage – (14pax) – Php3,900.00
    Aruba cottage – (12pax) – Php3,300.00
    Antigua cottage – (10pax) – Php3,000.00
    Jamaica cottage – (18pax) – Php8,000.00
    Teresitas cottage – (20pax) – Php8,000.00
    Bali uno – (6pax) – Php2,200.00
    Bali dos – (6pax) – Php2,200.00
    Bali tres – (6pax) – Php2,200.00
    Aircon room 5 – (2pax) – Php2,200.00

Bahamas Cottage
Room rate: P4,300.00 pesos overnight stay, Good for 14 persons, includes entrance
Extra charge: In excess of 14 persons, a P200 per person will be charge.
Overnight Stay Hours (3:00 PM check-in time - 11:00 am Check-out time)
Ceiling Fan
Set-Up Beds without Blankets
Nearby Toilet and Bath (common)

Barbados Cottage
Room rate: P3,500/night - Good for 12 pax, includes entrance fee,
Extra charge: in excess of 12, a P200 per person will be charged.
Overnight Stay Hours: (3:00pm check in-time, 11am Check-out time)
Ceiling Fan
Set-up Beds without Blankets
Nearby Toilet and Bath (common)

Jamaica Cottage
Room rate: P7,000.00 pesos overnight stay, Good for 18 Persons, includes entrance.
Extra charge: In excess of 18 persons, a P200.00 pesos per person will be charge.
Overnight Stay Hours (3:00 PM check-in time - 11:00 am Check-out time)
Ceiling Fan
Set-up Beds without Blankets
Toilet and Bath Inside

    Air Conditioned Cottages
    Open cottages
    Grilling Area


Raymond P. Sabas
Landline: 082-2862597082-2862597
Mobile Numbers:
Smart: (0998) 5376948
Smart: (0920) 9763291
Sun: (0925) 8550008
Sun: (0923) 7333246
Globe: (0917) 318-2474(0917) 3182474

Doris B. Lapinid
Smart: (0929) 606-9474(0929) 606-9474
Sun: (0923) 733-3246(0923) 733-3246
Landline: (082) 286-2597(082) 286-2597

NANA Review

September 7, 2016

This is one of my favorite anime. I've seen it last 2011 and it doesn't change. I have many frustration in life and marrying a band member or celebrity is one of it.


Takumi Ichinose

I fell in love with his character in Nana. Most of the characters in Nana judge him, but he is just a protective fellow of his own castle.


Kore Wa Koi No Hanashi Review

I really love age gap stories where the man is older than the woman. My father and mother had a 13 years age gap, this maybe the cause why I love age gap difference. I just don't know but maybe if the guy is old enough the girl is spoiled. ajaja

By the way, I love this manga since it perfect for my frustration. But there are limits on this manga. The manga is lack of romance since Shinichi is always concern about Haruka.


I Got A New Job

September 2, 2016

Today, I was very thankful that I got a new job online. Just yesterday, I came from a long vacation from my hometown. I decided to apply for an online job since I was being depressed regarding with financial matters, even though my husband can provide our needs but there is a personal matter about that. I sent my application to different jobs and sleep. I was checking my download anime series of NANA early this morning and saw a contact request from my skype. I was hesitant at first, but decided to accept the request, then the man started to interview me, he said that he run and SEO company in Australia and decided to hire me. I did check my online jobs account of what kind of job they needed and read it again. ajaja. I applied the long job description without knowing what it is, as long as I knew that there is a tutorial provided I sent my application. It was so funny because I have my goal to apply for a twitter task, but the one who replied me was not those jobs that I wanted. I started to watch the tutorials provided to me and found that those tutorials have the same process with my previous job from HP Outsourcing. On the other hand, it's not that difficult for me to adjust the job because it's the same from my last job.

I have been unemployed for the past few months after my wedding day. Since then I've been processing papers like changing status to all government agencies, follow up our house, etc. I was thankful that I already prepared my PayPal and eon bank account before I was hired as a Link Prospector. I was longing for a job that will not consume so much bandwidth and my disk drive. Unlike my previous online job before it consumes so much bandwidth and my disk drive since I was doing video. I can't bring my work everywhere because it needs a good internet connection. Now, I was happy having this job and will do my best to make it long term.

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