I Got My First Ever New Bicycle: Trinx

I love biking since I was a child. I even snuck out my father's bicycle just to stroll around the area of my hometown with my childhood friends. It was an accomplishment for me when I got bruises and wounds all over my body just to learn how to use a bicycle. When one of my neighbors bought a new bicycle, I even borrow it every day, but there was a time when I got shy to borrow it again.  I was thankful that one of my aunts gave a small bicycle for kids. I can easily ride a big bike without fail. I always have a dream a bicycle on my own before, but I didn't have it until yesterday. Now, I was thankful that my king bought me a bicycle just to accompany him and with our friends. He even let me choose to buy  8,500, 10k,18k , and 26k but then I decided the lowest amount since I don't intend to make it a hobby of upgrading things. We also need to buy accessories for protection. Having a new bicycle on my own is enough for me. I'm so excited to have adventures with my new bicycle together with my GoPro. ^_^

Sikad Davao
Open: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Phone: 0928 348 4385
Address: 41 Burgos Corner, Nicasio Torres Street, Obrero, Davao City, Davao del Sur

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