I Got A New Job

Today, I was very thankful that I got a new job online. Just yesterday, I came from a long vacation from my hometown. I decided to apply for an online job since I was being depressed regarding with financial matters, even though my husband can provide our needs but there is a personal matter about that. I sent my application to different jobs and sleep. I was checking my download anime series of NANA early this morning and saw a contact request from my skype. I was hesitant at first, but decided to accept the request, then the man started to interview me, he said that he run and SEO company in Australia and decided to hire me. I did check my online jobs account of what kind of job they needed and read it again. ajaja. I applied the long job description without knowing what it is, as long as I knew that there is a tutorial provided I sent my application. It was so funny because I have my goal to apply for a twitter task, but the one who replied me was not those jobs that I wanted. I started to watch the tutorials provided to me and found that those tutorials have the same process with my previous job from HP Outsourcing. On the other hand, it's not that difficult for me to adjust the job because it's the same from my last job.

I have been unemployed for the past few months after my wedding day. Since then I've been processing papers like changing status to all government agencies, follow up our house, etc. I was thankful that I already prepared my PayPal and eon bank account before I was hired as a Link Prospector. I was longing for a job that will not consume so much bandwidth and my disk drive. Unlike my previous online job before it consumes so much bandwidth and my disk drive since I was doing video. I can't bring my work everywhere because it needs a good internet connection. Now, I was happy having this job and will do my best to make it long term.


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