When In Thailand: Day 1

Dec. 3, 2016

It's been a while since I last posted on my blog. Sometimes, there some kind of energy dragging me to get lazy writing. ejeje. By the way, This is my first time traveling International. I was with my husband since it's his work why we went to Thailand. There is a gathering of people from different parts of the World to makes connections with other affiliates. It was called Affiliate Asia Conference #awasia. Going to Thailand was also like a honeymoon to us since we got married last March. I was very excited going to Thailand because I will be able to see a live Elephant. 

Before you go on a travel, there are some things you must prepare.

1. A must - prepared enough budget
2. Estimate how many days you will be staying
3. Booked a plane ticket ahead of time
4. Booked a hotel
5. Bring things that are very important including passport, ID's, print-out of the plane tickets, invitation if applicable, credit card, pocket money.
6. Bring just enough clothes, undies, shoes, sandals etc.  or you can just bring one pair of shoes. You can buy clothes and etc when you visit a country, know your budget. Just give space for your luggage for presents (pasalubong).
7. A must -  don't get sick.

When you are in the airport, there are things you must know:

1. Always bring you passport
2. Convert your money into US Dollars. It's easy to convert your US Dollars money when you visit other countries.
3. Convert your US Dollar money into the bills of the country you visit like for us, we convert the US Dollar money into Baht when we arrived at the airport in Thailand.
4. Buy sim card with the internet, so you can use mobile data when you are in other country and keep your sim card. 
5. When going home, convert your money to US Dollar again and convert your US dollar money into peso again.

Hope these can help when you travel:

Here are some pics of our Day 1 in Thailand:

PAL Cabin Crews and the Pilot


First Time Riding On a Train. ajaja

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